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Learning sign language is fun with Little Seedlings Early Learning Center! We have educators who can help parents and kids learn to sign through monkey movements. Not only is this a funfilled experience for the kids, but it also encourages parents and kids to have a stronger relationship and partake in each other’s learning.

Here’s one way you can learn to sign monkey in American Sign Language:

A Monkey Scratching an Itch
First, bend both of your elbows into your sides with your fingertips crawled slightly and placed near your waist.

Then, pull your hands up to your armpits and back down to your waist 3-4 times or more!

There’s a nursery rhyme song classic called “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” that we sing and use to teach children about counting, singing, decision-making, signing, and safety.

This sign language class gets even more fun as we do it in the playground with lots of educational toys to play with! But, of course, with supervision and guidance from our professionals!

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