toddler smiling
You can count on us to help your child achieve developmental milestones.

Our program provides infants with a safe environment rich with opportunities to actively explore and enjoy; to see, hear, feel, touch, and move. Our specially trained infant staff establishes a nurturing and creative world for your children filled with responsive interactions and language.

We use a primary caregiving model. Each child and their family are allocated a primary caregiver who works towards establishing a warm, secure relationship with the child and a partnership with the parents. The primary caregiver ensures each child’s needs and routines are met, playing a key role in feeding, sleeping, changing, noticing, wondering, and playing with each child. When the babies are awake and receptive, they will be carried, talked to, and played with. Parent’s preference about feeding, sleeping schedules, and the child’s patterns govern the course of the day. Our caregiver/child ratio of 1:2 is designed to allow for individualized care. A daily communication log is given to parents at the end of each day, which includes information about eating, sleeping, diapering, and any anecdotal information about your child’s day.

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