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Helping your child get acclimated to his or her environment

Our program is designed to accommodate active, curious toddlers. The hands-on classroom environment allows each child to manipulate, explore, and discover new materials. The classrooms are set up into interest centers which include:

  • Fine motor play and manipulative’s – including reaction toys, puzzles, stacking objects, and shape sorters
  • Imagination and quiet play – including kitchen sets, play food, dolls, and dress-up
  • Literacy-library with picture books, textured board books, and touch and feel books.
  • Creative arts & exploration tactile play materials, art materials, and musical instruments

Our staff ratio of 1:4 allows each child’s unique emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development to be met. A daily communication log is given to parents at the end of each day which includes information about eating, sleeping, diapering, and any anecdotal information about your child’s day.

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