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We can guide your child to learn basic life skills.

Our rich classroom environment is designed for each child to transition from the sensory-motor world of toddlers to an increasingly social world. Caregivers use their talent and expertise to design, adapt, and invent learning centers that best serve the children in the room. Activities are open-ended and emphasize process over product. The children will have the opportunity to move purposely, assert their independence, and learn to communicate with their peers. The children will be taken on daily outings to the local parks and playgrounds for gross motor activities and sensory activities (weather permitting).

Learning centers include:

  • Dramatic play – kitchen area, dress-up clothes, dolls, and puppets.
  • Table toys/manipulative’s – pegs, table blocks, and puzzles.
  • Library – board books and storytime
  • Blocks – cars, people, and animals
  • Art – crayons, washable markers, easel painting, stamps, collage material, and play dough

Group activities allow children to practice social skills such as cooperation, sharing, and taking turns. Specialty classes: Creative movement, music

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